November 1, 2017

You may have heard that Lowe’s is pulling out of the Alhambra Court project on South Fremont.  While there has been plenty of commentary suggesting what comes next, we want to take an opportunity to provide you with status and restate our position on this action.

Grassroots Alhambra (GRA) is not privy to Lowe's or the Charles Company's decision-making process.  As a matter of public record, GRA was not opposed to the components of the development (including the Lowe's store), except that the development should comply transparently with applicable laws including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  That is still our position.  And, it is the same standard by which we will judge any future development proposals on this land by the Charles Company or any other developer.  We hope that City Council and City Staff have realized that their desire to generate tax revenues should never overshadow legal compliance with CEQA.  There are many, transparent and legal, ways to raise tax revenues.

We hope that with any future developments, the City will be more diligent in their review of traffic studies and environmental reports supplied by developers, and not speciously enact zoning changes or zoning interpretations at a developer’s request.  However, Lowe’s exit from the project has not changed the reasons or our action to-date.

Why we filed a lawsuit against the City of Alhambra
We invite you to read our reasons for filing legal action against this development.  

Grassroots Alhambra members are all volunteers who donate their own time and money to continue pushing for a more just, equitable, and sustainable Alhambra that serves a diverse community.  This is something money can’t buy.